The Fae Book Tag

This tag was created by Jordyn Reads and it looks so fun I just wanted to give it a go! Basically anything with ‘fae’ in the title will have me hooked after all!

The rules

  • Give credit to the creator of this tag – Jordyn Reads
  • If you want to, pingback to the post you first saw this tag.
  • And most importantly, have fun!

So without further ado…

A FAERIE BARGAIN: Pick a book in which a character makes a bad deal / is blackmailed.

In The Unwilling, Judah (a foundling) and Gavin (the heir to the throne) are bonded by a strange magic whereby if one of then gets a physical injury, the other’s body will mimic it. It’s a premise rife for bad deals to be made, and boy do they make them!

CHANGELING: Pick a book in which a character is dropped into a new world.

In Under the Whispering Door, Wallace is dropped into… well, the afterlife. That counts as a new world, right?

WINGS OR MAGIC: Pick one or the other, and list three favourite books that include characters with that trait.

I pick magic for this, and honestly would have chosen The Night Circus same as Jordyn as it is one of my favourite books ever! But in the interests of not duplicating, I’ve gone for three books that have very different types of magic. In Abercrombie’s First Law trilogy, magic is also known as Art. It is now diminishing in the world of the story, but still has its ancient discipline, laws, and wizards who can wield it. The Sisters of the Winter Wood has a much softer kind of magic characterised by a haunting folklore around shapeshifting. Finally, Before the Coffee Gets Cold tells a series of vignettes set in a coffee shop in Tokyo, where by sitting in a particular seat you can go back in time – at least until your coffee gets cold. 

ANIMAL COMPANIONS: Pick a book in which there is a talking animal.

In this beautiful translation of an old story, there are multiple animals that hold court. Reynard the Fox is the anti-hero we all root for. 

FATED MATES: Pick a book in which there is a mating bond / Pick a book with true love in it.

Without wanting to spoiler, I loved the relationship that blossoms for the Linus during the course of this book. It’s one that you do see coming from early on but that is beautifully crafted and just very wholesome. 

THE SPRING COURT: Pick a book in which plants feature a large role.

Uprooted is literally about a forest kicking ass. 

THE SUMMER COURT: Pick a book in which the ocean or a body of water features a large role.

Our main character Piranesi exists in a huge and enigmatic mansion, where ocean tides swirl through the lower vestibules. 

THE AUTUMN COURT: Pick a book in which fire plays a large role.

I struggled slightly with this one, but in the Liveships trilogy by Robin Hobb there are some dramatic scenes of fire breaking out on ships towards the end that spur the story to its finish. 

THE WINTER COURT: Pick a book in which a character almost freezes to death.

Another Robin Hobb book for this – but she is my favourite fantasy author so deserves the double billing…! In Fool’s Fate, Fitz and the Fool travel to the frozen island of Aslevjal and face the terror of its icy labyrinths. 

I really enjoyed picking out books for this – I hope I’ve done it enough justice! I feel like I’ve read a lot of fantasy books but the questions were so imaginative and specific that they made me really delve into my reading history. Do read Jordyn’s original post, and I look forward to seeing other people’s answers too!

One response to “The Fae Book Tag”

  1. Ah I’m so glad you did this tag! Great, great choices! ❤


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