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I’m Emma. Around my day job I’m a reader, writer, illustrator and new mother.


A lot of About sections in the book blogging sphere start somewhere along the lines of ‘I’ve always loved books.’ To some extent that is true for me. Bookshops and libraries have always been my happy places, and I’ve always loved getting engrossed in a story. But if I’m being truly honest, books often came a distant second to other career focuses. It’s only recently, specifically following a very busy job from which I suffered some burnout, that I’ve started properly making time for reading, being thoughtful about it and more adventurous in terms of what I pick up, and (again being very honest) developing my social-media-worn attention span. This blog is a big part of that reading journey.


When I was five I wanted to be a fiction writer. Thirty years later, I’m putting some serious effort into it. While I have had non-fiction published as part of a little collaborative freelance gang some while ago, much of my creative work is currently still hidden safe in the laptop with filenames like โ€˜ch. 3 third attemptโ€™, โ€˜untitledโ€™ and โ€˜a dramatic thing maybeโ€™… That said, I am making a sustained effort to finish a spooky little collection of stories set in an eldritch, steampunk London. On this blog I occasionally share shorter creative scribblings, and my dream is to publish. Beware! When I have emotions, or wine, I tend to write poetry.


Sometimes I draw things. You’ll find those things scattered all across the blog.

Thank you for visiting!

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