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WWW Wednesday, 28th September

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam over on Taking on a World of Words. All you have to do is answer the following three โ€˜Wโ€™ questions below.  What are you currently reading? What did […]

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Sitting for the first time alone,  having bid goodbye to your weeping mother  at the cusp of college term,  dusk lifts your dandelion hair against the orange stone,  and you are caught […]

In Memory

There was no single moment of goodbye Just a tapdance of last times Each blissfully, beautifully unaware That they were the last of their kind. I did not want you to end […]

The Songs Remain

Communications are getting Scrambled. Once knew three languages, complete with traditional songs. Transcribed politics with my typewriter, Romanced my love with the same, Poems tapped on round, chapped keys – The rubbed […]

The River’s Lament

How can I convince you, Iโ€™m a river not a sewer?! I wasn’t always caged in Victorian walls, raging in the dark of an underground vein, sunlight dust-diluted, broken by gratings. My […]

The Magic Mooring

Geshel tied the mooring ropes tight and sat cradling his tea. This mooring had never been free before. It was popular. A comfortable dayโ€™s journey from Cabrin, only a few hours from Bow market, […]


Sunshine cracks through the canopy. Mushrooms, like white blood cells, tranquilise time. There is no ending of things. When the light goes, only badgers and deer will know we are here.  In […]

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