Short Fiction

The River’s Lament

How can I convince you, Iโ€™m a river not a sewer?! I wasn’t always caged in Victorian walls, raging in the dark of an underground vein, sunlight dust-diluted, broken by gratings. My world was of willows and birdsong, the tickle of fish and a sunbeam’s shimmer on the cusp of summer. I was calm as […]

The Magic Mooring

Geshel tied the mooring ropes tight and sat cradling his tea. This mooring had never been free before. It was popular. A comfortable dayโ€™s journey from Cabrin, only a few hours from Bow market, two trees hugging the bank exactly the length of a barge, and a statue said to be magic.  Geshel peered into the river […]

Geralt and Jaskier’s Quest of Zoom

Geralt: gruffly. I can see you, can you see me? Jaskier: gesticulates excitedly. Jaskier: is on mute. Geralt: Youโ€™re silent, Jaskier. Granted thatโ€™s an agreeable change. But the sooner we have this conversation the sooner it ends.  Jaskier: finds unmute button. Geralt! Geralt!  Geralt: disapproving. Hmm. Iโ€™m still here.  Jaskier: Oh, thank goodness. I need […]

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies WAY the hell somewhere else."
~ Beckett Mariner


A collection of some of my short fiction, some of it illustrated… not much else to say!

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